Hello Everyone,


I am Chris. I have been living in PJC for nearly two years and I spent over 99% of my time staying here.

You may wonder why a local student like me love to stay in the college, not going back home. Clearly getting away from parents is not the reason. I stay here merely because I enjoy staying with my resident friends and love college atmosphere.

Also as the president in House Association (HA), I would love to increase interactive communication among students, improve their health & welfare, strengthen cooperation with RA and RT to let them feel the care, and try my best to seek happiness for them. I will also continue dedicating to strengthen contacts and cooperation with other associations & colleges, maintain the reputation of ICC (Inter-college Committee) and work towards college’s great publicity. So that other students will know more about our college.

I am glad to be the president in house association, and I would love to share my happiness with all PJCers.


Chris FOK Ka Hou