HF PJC House Association held a three-day orientation camp for freshmen which attracted more than 200 students to join, it whipped up a vibrant orange storm at the UM campus. The College launched a series of orientation activities to facilitate freshmen’ integration into the residential college life at UM, such as Checkpoint Challenge, Coloane-Taipa Tour, Barbecue at Hac Sa Beach and Night Hiking etc..Freshmen said the orientation activites strengthened their inter-personal skills and team spirit.

Snapshots of the Orientation Camp

Students shared their joy and throb with the College Master (Prof. Geroge Watt), Associate Master (Dr. Natalie Wong) and Resident Fellow (Dr. Larry Leung).


Freshmen danced with their teammates


Freshmen wrote their feelings and signed on the college T-shirts of their teammates.


All the people joined were deeply touched by the lively, warm and lovely HF PJC family. Eventually, after the party, the students took a group photo, symbolizing the successful ending of the orientation camp