At UM the Residential College is a learning community, but instead of learning in the classroom in traditional ways we develop and grow through experience.   We strongly advise you to use the opportunities university and College membership offers to enrich your experience and broaden your outlook.   The key in all of this is your participation.  Remember that while we reside here the College is not primarily a dormitory but a living-learning community and as such you are expected and encouraged to take part.   There is much to choose from both here and at UM, so select well and make your university years an adventure.

In order to graduate from UM, first and second year students will have to fulfill a certain level of participation every year of College membership. This is the central concern of Peer & Community Education in UM’s Four-in-One Educational Model. Every year of your college membership you will be given a satisfactory or non-satisfactory grade.  There will be opportunities to make up for a non-satisfactory year, so if you are in this category you must contact our academic staff to work out a practical  plan which will enable you to graduate.  Remember we are here to help you but the onus is on you!

At the close of the first year in residency, College members may apply for continued residency or may change to non-resident status.  However, both categories of students belong to the College for the four years of their degree course and must fulfill College requirements during that time. 

While fourth year residents in the College are not subject to the same assessment as first, second and third year students, they may not be able to maintain a place in the college without a record of participation.  Available residential places next year will be limited, so you must prove that you have benefited from being here and that you have made a contribution of some kind.  

We wish everyone a productive, happy and rewarding year ahead. 


Prof. George Watt               College Master

Dr. Natalie Wong                 Resident Fellow & Interim Associate Master

Dr. Vivian Jiang                   Resident Fellow & Interim Associate Master

Dr. Chan Wai Kong              Resident Fellow