Resident Tutors (RT) & Resident Assistants (RA) are leaders on each floor.  They have several important task to perform:

            – Make sure their floor provides a positive living-learning environment for floor members;

           – Organize floor activities and events which enables interpersonal interaction;

           – Provide advice when floor members experience difficulties of all kinds;

           – Make sure that common rooms are kept tidy and that College regulations are observed;

           – Check  the level of cleanliness and hygiene in each room and washroom.

RTs and RAs are assisted by a small floor committee which will be formed early in the semester. This floor committee works with the RT or RA to help them fulfill their tasks.

 Here are the RTs and RAs of academic year 2016-17:

  •  1st Floor


  • 2nd Floor



  • 3rd Floor




  •  4th Floor


  • 5th Floor


  • 6th Floor