Resident Tutors (RT) & Resident Assistants (RA) are leaders on each floor.  They have several important task to perform:

Make sure their floor provides a positive living-learning environment for floor members;

Organize floor activities and events to facilitate interpersonal interactions among college members;

Assist college’s academic staff to enhance students’ learning in college

RTs and RAs are assisted by floor committee on each floor which will be formed early in the semester. This floor committee works with the RTs or RAs to organize activities that enhance learning.

 Here are the RTs and RAs of academic year 2017-18:


  • Resident Tutors
3rd Floor 7th Floor 6th Floor
Joey SHAO Xiao Zhou Karen CHOI Hoi Man CHEN Fei


5th Floor 4th Floor 2nd Floor
Silvia CHEN Xiao Jun Zack CHEN Shen Zhang YAN Xing Yu



  • Resident Assistants


1st Floor 5th Floor 3rd Floor
Laura CHEANG Ka Ian Terry HO Ka Seng Kenny HO Tsz Wa


5th Floor 5th Floor 4th Floor
Lois JIA Yun Bo Sharon KU Weng San Kevin LAM Ka Leong


1st Floor 4th Floor 2nd Floor
Fifi LIN Ruo Fei KY LIU Kai Ying Allen LIU Li Yang


4th Floor 3rd Floor 2nd Floor
Sunny MAI Chun Hui Yoyo SIU Lok Yiu Jessica TAN Yu Yan


2nd Floor 1st Floor 3rd Floor
Tian TAN Bao Yi Tom WU Lin Yuan Hilda YAM Hiu Ting