wattCollege Master: Prof. George Watt

It has been my good fortune to be Master of HF PJC for six years. I continue to enjoy working with our College members to deliver the kind of educational community of which we can be proud. All college members are welcome to contact me with questions and suggestions at any time. Please email, call into my office if I am there, or make an appointment through the College Office. I am always interested in your progress and your suggestions about improving our corporate life.

Educational Background           

PhD Flinders University of South Australia
MA    California State University
Litt.B.            University of New England
BA (Hons)     Brigham Young University
Dip Ed.          University of Adelaide
Grad Cert.  TESL  Bond University
F Coll P         College of Preceptors (UK)


2010-2015: College Master HF PJC

2007-2010 & 1989-1995: Australian National UniversityHead of Ursula College, Founding Warden Fenner Hall, Dean John XXIII College.

1989-2007: Held various positions in Japanese Universities: Founding Professor of Comparative Culture Komazawa University (Hokkaido Campus); Professor of English Nagoya University of Business; Dean, Faculty of Foreign Languages & Asian Studies NUCB.

2010-2015: Hon. Visitor, School of Cultural Inquiry, Australian National University

Research Interests

Psychological Literary Criticism, Post-Colonial Literature, English Pedagogy, Collegiate Residential Communities. 

Personal Interests and Pursuits at HF PJC

1. Assisting students to understand their role in fulfilling education requirements of UM’s 4-in-1 model.

2. Encouraging the growth of a student-centered academic community.

3. Integrating College Fellows, academic and admin staff into a lively College community

4. Personal interests include keeping fit, playing music badly, reading all sorts of things, and enjoying the support of Residential College life.



NatResident Fellow:

Dr. Natalie Wong Siu-Lam (Interim Associate Master)

It has been more than three years since I joined HF PJC in 2013. I hope I can further enrich the learning environment and bring more joy and happiness into this big family this year. Please feel free to contact me via email at nataliewong@umac.mo or add me on WeChat (ID: nataliewongsiulam).

Educational Background            

PhD University of Westminster (UK)
MA University of Westminster (UK)
BA (Hons) Lingnan University (HK)


2013-2016:    Resident Fellow, HF PJC

2012:            Lecturer, Academy of Film, Baptist University of Hong Kong

2012:            Visiting Lecturer, Universitat Koblenz-Landau, Germany

2011-2012:    Researcher, Department of Comparative Literature, HKU

2009-2011:    Research Assistant, Academy of Film, Baptist University of Hong Kong

Research Interests

Arts Education, Creative Experiential Learning, Visual Culture, Asian Cinema

Personal Interests and Pursuits

  1. Encouraging college members to discover personal potentials through working with visiting artists and professionals
  2. Promoting learning through meaningful community service
  3. Cultivating a dynamic and happy living and learning environment
  4. Personal interests include making mocktails, homemade ice-cream…



ViviResident Fellow:

Dr. Vivian Jiang Yi (Interim Associate Master)

Being a resident fellow in HF PJC is a wonderful job. In the past four years, I have enjoyed living in this collegiate community, and growing up together with our College members. I will continue to promote our member’s whole-person development in the university’s 4-in-1 education model, and share the joy of each success with you. I am glad to talk with you on any questions and suggestions. Please feel free to visit me at Room G003, or contact me via email vivianjiang@umac.mo or add me on Wechat (ID: vivianyijiang).

Educational Background            

PhD The Chinese University of Hong Kong
MPhil Sun Yat-Sen University
BA (Hons) Sun Yat-Sen University


2012-2016:    Resident Fellow, HF PJC

2010-2012:    Researcher, Center for Public Opinion Research, Shanghai

2009-2012:    Instructor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

2004-2007:    Research & teaching assistant, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

2001-2004:    Research associate, Research Institute for Guangdong Development, Sun Yat-Sen University.

Research Interests

Economic Sociology, Social Participation, Social Capital, Social Research Methods, Residential College

Personal Interests and Pursuits

  1. Providing wide-ranging student-centered extracurricular activities and experiential programme to support students’ growth and development.
  2. Fostering a lively academic and intellectual environment in the residential community.
  3. Helping develop the college culture and ethos by encouraging student involvement in creating and shaping community.
  4. Personal interests include collecting ancient Chinese porcelain, playing ping-pong ball and squash, painting, hiking, and all beautiful and delicious things.




KongResident Fellow: Dr. Chan Wai Kong

It is my great pleasure to be a resident Fellow in the PJC Family. I strongly believe that the residential college system is an excellent breeding ground for all-round development of students, and I’m sure that being a member of the PJC Family will definitely be a valuable and memorable experience in your life. Let’s live a healthy, happy and meaningful university life together! You are always welcome to contact me via email (wkchan@umac.mo), phone(88229176), or WeChat (ID: pjcrfkong ).


Educational Background

PhD               Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

MPhil            Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

B.A.               Chinese University of Hong Kong



2016-                   Resident Fellow, HF PJC

2009-2016         Part-time Lecturer, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Hong Kong Baptist University

2011-2016         Visiting Lecturer, Hong Kong Community College, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2006-2015        Part-time Instructor, School of Continuing Education, Hong Kong Baptist University

2006-2008         Teaching Assistant, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Hong Kong Baptist University

2002-2004         Teaching Assistant, School of Humanities and Social Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Research Interests

Diamond Sutra《金剛經》, Vimalakīrtinirdeśa-sūtra《維摩經》, Sarvadharmāpravttinirdeśa《諸法無行經》, Mahāprajñāpāramitāśāstra

《大智度論》, Mūlamadhyamaka-kārikā《中論》, Dharma Teachings of Mañjuśrī(文殊法門), Philosophy of the Three-Treatise School(三論宗哲學)

Personal Interests and Pursuits at HF PJC

  1. Promoting healthy lifestyle
  2. Encouraging students to understand the meanings of life
  3. Assisting students to develop the ability of making rational and ethical judgments
  4. Personal interests include reading books related to life wisdom, swimming, rollerblading, playing ukulele, badminton, and practicing a special kind of martial arts called Pekiti Tirsia Kali.